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Texas nurse accused of stealing morphine, faces felony charges

A registered nurse (RN) out of Texas is facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing morphine.

What types of charges come with this type of allegation? These accusations were severe enough to result in criminal charges. The allegations in this case were serious enough support second degree felony charges for possession of morphine.

What were the allegations? A nurse licensed to practice in Texas for almost thirty years was accused of stealing the drug for her own use. She allegedly recorded providing patients with more morphine the medically necessary. The prosecution contends that the patients did not receive this medication, but that the nurse was stealing it.

The Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigation Division questioned the nurse on the matter. During this interview, she allegedly admitted to taking morphine from the hospital. The prosecution is using the evidence to support the charges.

The Texas Health & Human Services Commission also notified the Texas Board of Nursing.

How will the Texas Board of Nursing respond? The Texas Board of Nursing will likely conduct an investigation. The results of the investigation could lead to a variety of disciplinary actions, which could include the denial of the nurse’s license and the removal of the nurse from the nursing practice.

It is important that nurses and similar medical professionals take note of the serious consequences that come with allegations of wrongdoing. A nursing license is not an easy achievement. This license represents hard work and the ability to partake in a noble profession. If you are facing similar allegations, do not let it result in the loss of your license. Fight back. Legal counsel can review your case and help better ensure your legal rights are protected.