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Texas podiatrist enters plea agreement on health care fraud charge

It takes about four hours to drive north from Austin to Frisco, Texas. We are not sure how long it would take to walk those 220 miles, but we’re pretty certain that you might need to visit a podiatrist after you arrive.

With the help of an effective attorney, a Frisco foot doctor has been able to resolve criminal charges and reach a plea agreement on a single count of health care fraud. The agreement enables the podiatrist to avoid incarceration and to keep his Frisco office open so that he can continue to serve the community.

Dr. Glenn Gregg Petty was originally indicted on 23 counts of health care fraud. He also faced accusations of aggravated identity theft, a news site reported. However, all charges but one were dropped as part of the agreement reached by Petty, his attorney and the U.S. Attorney.

The negotiated deal requires the doctor to pay $157,660 in restitution to the federal government. He will also be on probation for five years, the news report stated.

Earlier reports indicated that the doctor faced the possibility of 10 years in prison on each of the health care fraud charges and a mandatory two-year sentence for each ID theft charge if he had been convicted.

However, the plea deal requires the 52-year-old podiatrist to agree that he is guilty of billing Medicare for therapeutic exercises for a patient who was actually given just a sheet of exercise instructions.

The government has agreed to dismissal of allegations that Petty billed Medicare for services for dead people and that he allowed his teenage son to perform procedures on patients.

The article on the resolution of the charges did not include comments by the doctor’s attorney.