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Who files complaints about physicians in Texas?

As a physician licensed and practicing in Texas, you run the risk of having a complaint filed against you at any time. Allegations of misconduct can come from a number of different sources, and while some have merit, there may also be unwarranted ones reported to the Texas Medical Board.

Many complaints submitted to these agencies against physicians and physician assistants come directly from the public. In fact, more than 50 percent of all complaints about these parties in Texas come directly from patients and their friends and family members. They are not the only source of complaints, however. You may also be the subject of a complaint that comes from:

Your colleagues

Any of your colleagues who also hold professional licenses must report you if they suspect you are guilty of professional misconduct. If they are aware of dangerous or unethical actions you or other licensed professionals within your practice are taking and do not say anything, they, themselves, may be guilty of misconduct.

Your employer

If you work in a health care setting, your employer, too, has a legal obligation to report allegations of possible misconduct. Further, the agency for which you work must also report any disciplinary actions they take against you to appropriate agencies.

Confidential sources

If someone suspects you have a drug or alcohol problem, or that you are practicing medicine despite suffering from a mental illness that might affect your abilities, he or she may report you to the Texas Medical Board. In doing so, he or she can remain confidential, so you may never know exactly where this type of complaint against you comes from.

Your medical license is invaluable, and you want to protect it. Understanding where physician complaints often come from may help you do so.