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“Minor” items on Texas Medical Board agenda have big import

The Texas Medical Board has scheduled to meet this Friday, October 20 here in Austin. The board says in its mission statement that its goal is always to “protect and enhance the public’s health, safety and welfare by establishing and maintaining standards of excellence.” Its job is to regulate the practice of medicine through licensure, discipline and continuing education.

Among the agenda items the board will consider and discuss will be a report on temporary suspension hearings — a report that might appear “minor” to a layperson, but one that will obviously have extraordinary significance for the physicians who face the possibility that their medical licenses will be suspended.

For some doctors who are facing that possibility — or who have already had some disciplinary action taken against them — the next report on the board’s agenda is also extraordinarily important: the report on motions for rehearings.

In these matters, the physician and their attorney make clear their objections to an order by the board, and lay out supporting claims, both legal and factual.

If those claims are persuasive, the Texas Medical Board can grant the motion and alter its order.

If the motion for rehearing is denied, the physician can file for judicial review. In that review, it is possible for a district court to reverse a Medical Board order.

None of these matters are as simple and clear as they appear to be when they are agenda items for a Texas Medical Board meeting. An attorney experienced in physician license defense can help defend your rights, license and career in investigations and hearings.