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Massive Fraudulent Billing Sting Prosecutes Over 300

The Justice Department recently conducted one of the largest take-downs in history against medical providers, prosecuting fraudulent activity in clinics, pharmacies and other medical centers across the United States.

Across the country, the sting charged over 300 defendants, including over 60 medical professionals, 28 of which were doctors, for over $900 million in false billing. These billings were largely for services that were never provided or that were unnecessary.

Reports show that most of the cases involved allegations of fraudulent billing practices, including overbilling or improperly billing Medicare and Medicaid. Home health providers were also a focus of the investigation and made up a significant percentage of those arrested.

Healthcare providers must be particularly vigilant right now to avoid incorrect billing practices. While this particular sting was aimed at providers and practitioners who knowingly billed fraudulently, many clinics and professionals in healthcare make serious errors in billing procedures – mistakes that could prove costly.

It is critical that providers and medical professionals work with skilled legal guidance to conduct a thorough audit of their practices to catch any errors and make sure their books are in order.

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