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Investigation Uncovers Substantial Increase in Board Discipline of Texas Nurse Licenses

| May 27, 2015 | Nurse Licensing |

A recent investigation into the Texas Nursing profession uncovered a large increase in complaints, license revocations and sanctions against nursing licenses. This is mostly due to troubles with drugs and alcohol. Up until 2005 the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) allowed nurses to self-report their crimes. Now every nurse is required to submit to fingerprinting each time they renew their license. According to the investigation, there has been an 85% increase of sanctions and revocations from the years of 2003-2014.

According to BON counsel, they believe that the increase is likely due to the tougher background checks and more nurses entering the field of nursing in general. If you find yourself in a position of receiving a BON complaint or sanction, Rivas Goldstein, LLP has many years of experience dealing with these exact situations and has a positive track record at reducing sanctions and having cases dismissed entirely.

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